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Think forward

conference in Vienna in July 12 - 15th 2018

12.07.2018 – 15.07.2018

Dear friend!

Looking all around us, we realise that we are going through very exciting times. The rapid scientific and technological advances of the past and present have left their mark on humankind, for the better - and for the worse. Our global economic system, needed to sustain this evolution, turned out to be itself unsustainable. The era of 'infinite growth' is coming to an end, and our generation has to assume responsibility for the future of our species and our planet.

At the same time, our understanding for the world in which we live better is deeper and more extensive than ever before - and accessing this knowledge has never been easier.
We want to talk about the way we live our lives tomorrow. Therefore, we are delighted to invite you to THINK forward conference from July 12 - 15, 2018 at Burg Wildegg in Sittendorf near Vienna, Austria.

>>>> The Conference
For the fourth consecutive year, the THINK conference will gather 40 fresh minds for a highly intense four-day programme consisting of lectures, seminars and debates.
Taking a close look at scientific research in the 21st century, our conference features everything between femto-meter physics and global biodiversity, mathematical logic and the sociology of dance music.

Our participants are students and young researchers at the beginning of their careers. At the THINK conference, they get a platform to present their own work to an interested audience and engage in a critical discourse that transcends the boundaries of scientific disciplines.
Each participant delivers a talk on a topic of their choice. Talks are held in English and will be assigned a time slot of 30 minutes (15-20 min talk + 10 min debate). Projector and laptop for presentation will be provided.

>>>> Hot Topic 2018: Climate Change
At our conference, we want to address what is arguably the biggest threat to humankind today.
In a series of special lectures, we will look at Climate Change from the perspective of science, politics, sociology and the environment. We are looking for contributions to the topic from any field!

>>>> Application
Please apply via our website thinkconference.net/application-2018. There are two separate deadlines for applications:

1) Participation application: Spots are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Though not encouraged, you may also apply without giving a talk. Upon registration, please indicate whether you intend to give a talk. The deadline for this application is April 30.

2) Talk application: In order to give a talk, please apply for participation and submit an abstract of your proposed topic by May 15 to think.organiser@gmail.com. Abstracts must comply with the guidline for abstracts linked on our website. Please note that your contribution should be understandable for an audience of scientists of various backgrounds.

Further information on the application procedure is available on our website.

>>>> Conference fee and scholarships
Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, the cost of food and accommodation is almost fully covered. We do however ask for a conference fee of 50€, to be paid upon registration. As funding is not fully secured yet, the amount of the contribution may still increase. You will be informed about any changes as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the THINK association is dedicated to provide up to 3 full scholarships for the conference to participants who could not afford to take part otherwise. Please note that the number of scholarships is conditional upon available funding. To find out if scholarships are available and to apply for a scholarship, please contact us before registration.

>>>> Location, food and transportation
The conference will take place at Burg Wildegg castle in Sittendorf near Vienna.
The location is reached easily by train and bus from Vienna.

Food at the conference will be provided by ourselves. We will get organised to share the work in the kitchen among all participants.
If you have specific dietary requirements, allergies or food preferences (vegan, vegetarian, etc.), please include this information in your registration.

If you have a disability and require special assistance, please also indicate this in the comment section of the application form.

>>>> Further information
For further information on the conference please visit our website thinkconference.net or send us an e-mail at think.organiser@gmail.com.

We would be delighted to welcome you at our conference. Spread the word and THINK forward!


>>>> Statement of Inclusiveness

We refuse to compromise the ideals of academic freedom and open exchange. We affirm that scientific events have to be open to everybody,
regardless of class, financial situation, race, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, pregnancy, immigration status, academic affiliation, or any other aspect of identity.

We believe that such events have to be supportive, inclusive, and safe environments for all participants. We believe that all participants are to be treated with dignity and respect.
Discrimination and harassment cannot be tolerated. We are committed to ensuring that the scientific events in which we participate follow these principles,
and we request that organizers of scientific events make explicit statements on the event website to that effect.

(The statement is part of an international initiative. More Information can be found here: http://www.math.toronto.edu/~rafi/statement/)